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The branch is encouraging us to write a personal letter to Russian Supreme Court to discourage the ban. Please read, share and follow instructions.




Hello Everyone,

I've been encouraged to start blogging again after being MIA for most of last year and this one. I do miss writing, but we all know how busy life is being a JW. I work at an insurance agency and have some free time during my lunch break, so let's see how much I can write...

Last year was a very beautiful one. I almost don't know where to start since there were many good memories made. At the start of the year I got engaged and started planning my wedding in late fall. Those months were extremely occupied and my time was divided in between service for Jehovah, work, wedding planning, spending time with the family and spending time with my fiancĂ©. Planning it was definitely fun and I really loved the end result. I also got to know Carlos a lot better during this time and felt the support of so many friends. I also had my second Pioneer School in August which I felt completely unworthy of attending. The school was a lovely blessing and it filled me up so much. I loved the curriculum, our instructors and my fellow classmates. A nice treat was going with my auntie this time around! It was so nice learning and feeling the love of the friends who so tirelessly worked to prepare our meals and help us feel comfortable during the school. I had the task to write a thank you letter to one of the local congregations that came to feed us, which was nice.

Come around October MY WEDDING DAY was here! I'll share some photos in another post.
Lunch is over, but I will continue adding to this post in later days.


It's been a while (Uri manida)

It's been a year since I moved to California and life has not stopped one second! I got a nice little message the other day which reminded me how frequently I used to blog. I think that as Witnesses we are definitely busier than most people. What can I say? Life just keeps moving along! :)

I've come to see how Jehovah has cared for us continually. All my life it's been faith strengthening to see how he's been so involved. Its been a different adjustment being back 'home'. I've been happy though. Early in our first year we moved into our old Spanish congregation and immersed ourselves into the activity here. It's been a very busy year. I started working for an Insurance company and I've quickly learned about this industry. Quite interesting. I have continued pioneering, but my schedule is most definitely different than it was in Ecuador or Mexico. So different. Everything is very fast paced here, and more expensive than I was accustomed to. Time slips away if you don't plan well. My family has also been busy. My mother has begun caring for my grandparents during the week and my brother is focusing on finishing up High School this year!
I had a wonderful blessing happen this year and that blessing was forming a friendship with an excellent, sweet brother. After much prayer and thought, we began dating late last Summer. I can't even describe how thankful I am that this happened. It was definitely a beautiful surprise and something I didn't imagine happening when moving back. I'm so happy because I found my modern-day Timothy. He is an incredible person and loves Jehovah so much. Jehovah knew and we both feel like he's guided us in our relationship. I will have to share more about him and our story too in another post. And now.....I'm engaged! So, I'm currently planning the wedding, future plans and also looking forward to the spiritual activities coming up this year. I was invited to Pioneer School for a second time!! I am very thankful to Jehovah for that invitation. Was not expected. I also have my convention coming up in June.

I have an Instagram account which is where you can see more of what's been going on in my life. If you want to follow me, just send me a direct message of how you know me. I am a bit particular about who follows me. :) I will be blogging again soon. I'll share a bit of our story, and also more photos!



Izmir Coello


I'll share a photo from our Engagement Session. Even that was a lovely surprise. <3