Hello People...

 I havent had any time at all to check the blog this week, and sadly I cant write much now either since I am at a Cyber at this moment. I will soon write more about whats been going on this past week. But what I will say now is that we are officially out of our old place and are settling into our new home. It is a two story house and it seems as if it would have more room but there isnt any place to put stuff, no closets or compartments so we are having to get rid of many things. But thats all right, simplyfing is always good! I especially have to get rid of stuff that Ive accumulated. We have been home every day unless we have meetings and rehearsals...So much unpacking to do and organizing...Whats cool though is that I have my own bathrooom, in our previous home we had only 1. Anways, we need to finish up organizing already since next week we already have our long awaited District Convention!! I have been longing for it this whole summer and its already around the corner! Im soo happy! Our house will be filled with guests that weekend. My family is coming and another family of 4 is also coming down. We might even have another family of 4 come down, but they arent sure yet. So, we NEED to have the house ready by then! Oh and today my grandparents arrived and they will stay till the Assembly. Im glad they came, I was missing them. Well my time is up I have to go now...But will try to write soon! Bye!

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